Rainmaker’s Profit Solution Series: Save Time by Understanding Demand

In our next entry to the Profit Solution Series, we explore how guestrev® can help you understand unconstrained demand by segment – not just in the near term but further into the future as well.

guestrev® forecasts unconstrained demand for 365 days into the future. This gives hotels the ability to understand the possibility of what it could do without any constraint. Being able to forecast at this level of granularity well into the future allows users to create action plans to improve performance, via marketing campaigns to generate demand or mix management to optimize profitability.

All of this is transformed into a constrained forecast that ultimately generates the revenue forecast for the hotel. guestrev® starts with demand then transforms it into a constrained forecast, which ultimately drives the rate recommendation for every single day, for that moment in time.

guestrev brings a granular level of understanding of demand to your processes. This makes optimizing revenue and driving profitability easier than ever. Watch the second video below for a demonstration on how guestrev daily demand forecast can help you better manage your business further into the future: