Rainmaker’s Profit Solution Series: Do More With Less

Hoteliers are always being asked to do more with less. I would love to say this is industry specific, but alas, it is industry agnostic. Everyone, everywhere, is being asked to do the same. And in that ask is the perfect opportunity.

As an industry, we have reached the all-important tipping point of data. It’s all there, available for use. It is the ultimate tool to do more with less. The question is “Are you putting it to good use?”

Realistically, manually analyzing the vast data available to you isn’t possible. Add on making informed decisions from the analysis and you have a Sisyphean task. It’s a lot of hard work and it will never be truly finished.

Just because it’s endlessly difficult, doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile endeavor. That’s where good tools that do the heavy lifting for you come in handy. Revenue Management Systems (RMS) and Business Intelligence tools are an integral part of the process.

They do the analysis so you can spend more time making informed decisions to optimize revenue at the top and bottom line. Isn’t that the ultimate “doing more with less” scenario?

We’re creating a series of videos to show you how Rainmaker can be your partner in doing more with less. The first of the series shows you how you can manage your mix further out so you have time to affect change and optimize revenues. Watch the first video on forecasting in guestrev below: